The renovation of this building was designed by engineer Pietro Fiumana of  Bioaus Forlì.

Ventilated roof. The ventilated roof is the most advanced technique of building roofs with thermal insulation. Thanks to its characteristics, the roof ventilation can achieve considerable savings on energy consumption. In the case of high temperatures makes confortable the rooms placed under the roof itself.In the presence of very low temperatures the ventilation chamber is an additional cavity, preventing in fact, loss of heat. In case of snow the roof ventilation removes dangerous ice barriers on the eaves.

Thermal coat. The house is equipped with a thermal coat with a total thickness of 10 cm (normally used by 8). The insulating layer protects the wall, so the mass of the masonry remains warmer in winter and cooler in summer, creating a better living comfort.

Heating system. The house was not equipped with heating. It ‘s been so involved a qualified heating engineer, Gianluca Pezzi, who calculated exactly the real needs of the whole house, considering the new roof, external insulation, windows with double glazing proof glass of high quality. It was chosen a mixed system solar / gas for heating the water and consequently, of the house. The result is twofold: a cost of heating particularly content corresponds to a quality of life rather high.